La Brasserie de La Mer Privê

A lush, glamorous and exclusive experience at La Brasserie de La Mer Privé. With impeccable service you can book for exclusive groups of privileged people. Decorated and acclimatized, at every turn, by renowned architect Samara Gosson with ample chairs and collective table, surrounded by Italian glass cabinet, small lounge, French wallpaper-coated walls and beautiful crystal chandelier lighting, set a backdrop for La Brasserie de La Mer Privé an absolutely exquisite setting, accentuating the culinary magic that awaits you.
You can enjoy the menu or tasting menu selected by Chef Erick Jacquin, or even select your menu with the combination of various items prepared by the chef. The ultimate intention is to provide a dining experience that involves all senses, leaving you and your friends or guests fully satisfied.

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